Our Beer

4.9% ABV and 0.0 IBU

A sessionable hazy pale ale Double-Dry-Hopped with whirlpool additions of Belma and Huell Melon varieties that lend delicate notes of strawberry and ripe melon. Top this off with a super soft mouthfeel – you WILL have more than one.

4.8% and 22 IBUs

A Kolsch-style ale brewed true to style. Light and refreshing with a very mild sweetness. Approachable and easy drinking at 4.8% and 22 IBUs.

6.6% ABV and a calculated 50 IBUs

Hop derived fruit forward flavor and aroma with low bitterness makes this ipa a delicious treat. 6.6% ABV and a calculated 50 IBUs (lower perceived) make this a beer to be enjoyed over and over again with a blast of flavor in every sip. Hopped with Citra, Galaxy, and Kohatu.

5.2%ABV and 15 IBUs

This reddish copper lager is smooth and malt forward. Easy drinking and flavorful. A perfect beer for all ocassions. 5.2%ABV and 15 IBUs.

5.2% ABV and 30 IBUs

A classic Dry Stout. Black in color with a dense head makes this beer as good to look at is does to drink. Served on Nitro for a smooth mouthfeel. 5.2% ABV and 30 IBUs.

5.2% ABV, 33 IBUs

Modernized classic Pilsner. This crisp, clean and refreshing Pilsner is brewed with traditional noble hops and a newer hop variety to bring a tried and true favorite inline with today’s craft beer drinkers palates. 5.2% ABV, 33 IBUs.

8.2% ABV and 36 IBUs

This strong porter is a robust lager with lots of flavor. Notes of dark fruit, chocolate and caramelized sugar, a light sweetness and noticeable alcohol. 8.2% ABV and 36 IBUs.

6.5%ABV and 70 IBUs

An American IPA for IPA drinkers. Full of flavor with the bitterness to back it up. 6.5%ABV and 70 IBUs. Centennial, Citra and Zythos Hops.

4.6% and a low 35 IBUs

The lighter side of the IPA family brings 4.6% and a low 35 IBUs to the table. With a soft malt backbone and light but flavorful hop profile, this beer is the true definition of sessionable. Mandarina Bavaria, Huell Melon and Hallertau Blanc hops.

6%ABV and 35 IBUs

Our Saison features a spiciness from the yeast, the use of rye and black pepper. Balance this with lemon peel and Sorachi Ace hops for a most enjoyable beer. 6%ABV and 35 IBUs.

8.5% ABV and 80 IBUs

An upfront mouthful of American hops that bring the citrus and grapefruit flavors we all crave. A dangerously crushable DIPA that clocks in at 8.5% ABV and 80 IBUs. Columbus, Flaconer’s Flight, and Simcoe hops.

7.8%ABV and 26 IBUs.

Strong, complex and full bodied. This Dubbel has a sweet, rich flavor of caramel and dark fruit accompanied with the unique character of the yeast. 7.8%ABV and 26 IBUs.

4.5%ABV and 10 IBUs

A light, tart thirst quencher. This Gose is brewed lime zest, coriander and sea salt. 4.5%ABV and 10 IBUs.